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First and foremost, there are NEVER any costs for our services! We investigate because we want to help people and because each case furthers the overall progress of paranormal research. We conduct our investigations with the utmost professionalism. We keep our investigations, (names & locations), strictly confidential unless certain permission is granted. We use everything in equipment from the latest in technology to older more simplistic techniques in para-research.

Once an investigation is done, we try to go through the evidence in the next day. We try to get our results back to the client within 3 to 4 days.

Banishment Rituals

Banishment rituals are performed by our specialists. We are very proud of the results from our ritual cleansing of homes and businesses. Our specialists perform the ritual at all investigations unless it is not wanted. Some clients would like to "keep" the spirits.

Speaking Engagements

We would love to speak at your event. We are available for both large and small groups, public or private on a variety of topics.

Please use the Contact Page to inquire about more information or to schedule an appointment.

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