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About Us

Hi, We're just two brothers that were raised on picking. Our grandfather, was an old time picker pre and post WWII through the late 70's. Rust and rummaging is in our blood... It's what we do, It's what we love. We like to consider it the ultimate in recycling.

We scour all over New England to find some of the best in variety of items for you to procure. From grimy salvage yards, estate sales, auctions, and everywhere else in between... that's where you'll find us picking for some the great items to offer you. Maybe it's that rare art piece you've been looking for. Or perhaps that elephant foot table to match the decor of your study.

Rare or common, large or small...

No matter what it is you're looking for, if we don't have it, we'll search for it.

Maybe you're not looking for something but rather need to clear up space. CONTACT US!

Whether it's a single item or a thousand we can help.

Whatever your needs, we would love to help!


Need Our Assistance? Give Us a Call Now!
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