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  We hope you find something interesting while you are here.  Please bookmark the site and check back often!

First off, introductions: We are brothers from Northeast Connecticut.  We have lived here all of our lives and enjoy the country very much!  We both have a passion for junk.  Our grandfather, was an old time picker pre and post WWII through the late 70's. Rust and rummaging is in our blood... It's what we do, It's what we love.


  While our tastes may differ, we both have a fondness for all things old.  We both have been junking all our lives; raised in a family that didn't have much money & learned at a young age how to turn a buck.  We have also learned that nothing is for free and to be successful you need to have a great work ethic and do what you love!  We would love to have the opportunity to share our passion with you and have the opportunity to make a fair offer on the items you have accumulated and no longer need!  We have the ability to ship our items throughout the world which means we can offer a fair price typically above other resellers who might be interested in your merchandise. 


  One of the most frequent questions we get is "where do you get all the stuff you sell"?  Well, without giving away any trade secrets, we find them mainly by getting out and shaking hands. Barn fresh finds are few and far between.  The second question we get is "do you have a store"? Well yes and no. Yes, we do have an online store but no, we do not currently have a brick and mortar location. But we are scouting buildings in the area for a possible antique shop. For now, 100% of our business is completed online and about 30% is exported to locations outside the USA. We love our customers and that means they love to come back and buy more and more!


   Another question we tend to get is "what do you buy"?  Well, that should be quite obvious!!  Anything we can make a buck on!  There's an pic below with a more complete listing of items we look for.  You can also contact us below to submit a possible pick as well as any requests of items you're looking for.  We are always looking to by anything antique, odd, or interesting that we can market to our customers.  If you are a collector and would like to be added to our data base to be contacted in the event we get that special item you are in love with please send us a message and we can help you with your passion.  We will not hound you to make a sale- that isn't how we do things - we will just keep you informed on items you are passionate about!  If you are a buyer looking to thin out a collection please let us know and we will can even help with that!  If you have any questions please contact us!! 

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